• Your organization at a glance

Dashboards provide a visual representation of metrics that matter to you allowing you to very quickly gauge your organization’s performance.  Comparative trends are shown by user and over time. (Screenshot  – Dashboards)


  • Easily export data

If you intend to study the data in more depth, Artoo lets you export reports from its reporting interface into an excel sheet where you can do further analysis. (Screenshot – reporting interface)


  • Periodic snapshots right in your inbox

Between meetings and managing teams it is easy for managerial staff to lose periodic track of organizational performance. Artoo solves this challenge by delivering periodic email digests of activity and performance reports right to your inbox enabling managers to view these reports on the go.


  • Insights on the mobile

Field staff typically have limited visibility into data analytics until the end of the month when someone emails them excel reports. Artoo provides field staff continuous insights into performance and areas for improvement in the form of simple analytics available on their devices.  (Screenshot – Performance – mobile)