Business Consulting

Artoo prides itself in being a true partner to your business, invested in your success and growth.

Unlike traditional IT vendors we do not want you to change your processes to adopt a technology and instead strive to find the best solution that fits into your business while adopting industry best practices. As a cloud-based solution we take full ownership of the project allowing your team to focus on your core – launching products and out-innovating your competition.

Before we work with an organization we conduct a discovery workshop to evaluate the as-is situation of the organization’s operational processes and IT infrastructure in order to recommend a customized Artoo solution that will work best for you.


Our team of implementation & domain experts will conduct this evaluation through a series of field visits and interviews with the various stakeholders, taking a bottom-up approach. Starting from the field agents, we move up the ladder to the middle management and finally the top management of the organization.

Based on our analysis of your current operational process, we highlight areas of improvement as well as redundant processes, which can be completely removed. We will then suggest a redesigned and automated end-to-end loan origination system for you, along with a detailed workflow customized for different product types (unsecured vs. secured) and a cost benefit analysis to support our recommendation.

The final outcome of this workshop will include an assessment of your operational process, recommendations on process re-design and a robust technology requirement document.