Credit underwriting

  • Real-time credit bureau reports

Integrated with CIBIL, Highmark, Equifax and Experian. Generate credit bureau reports in the field to immediately assess a borrower’s creditworthiness avoiding multiple visits.  Data from credit bureau reports are presented in a simple, insightful way enabling field agents to quickly make a credit assessment. Key information like default, write off and DPD trend is highlighted. (Screenshot – Mobile – credit bureau reports)


  • Occupation based cash flow templates

Assess incomes of key earning members using Artoo’s occupation based cash flow templates. Templates enable organizations to deskill the traditionally complex process of income assessment and also standardize it across the board. By capturing the same set of information for each industry class we aim to build predictive models on key financial indicators such as industry margins and Sales. Templates are available for the following occupations Agriculture, Trade, Manufacturing, Service, Salaried Occupations and Livestock.


Templates are available for both documented (VAT, ITR, Bills, Bank Statement) and undocumented (Declared Sales, Sales by Observation, Yearly Seasonality) sources of income


  • Conduct Psychometric tests

While Cash flow analysis provides an assessment of borrower’s ability to pay, psychometric tests can be used to assess the intention to pay enabling you to make informed lending decisions. These tests can be conducted in 6 local languages currently. The questionnaire of the test is completely customizable. Various sets of questions can be configured and test sets can be randomly assigned to avoid data manipulation.


  • Credit Approval and Loan Sanctioning

An individual or a sanctioning committee can perform loan sanctioning. Ability to implement layered approval matrices based on – loan type, loan amount, demographics, deviations and LTV grid. Decision-making is nimble and well informed, supported by rich data of the borrower and loan. Customer receives SMS / IVR notification of sanction terms & disbursement date.


  • Perform Scenario analysis

To enhance credit evaluation, credit teams will be presented with 3 scenarios of borrower’s cash flows (good, average, bad). They can make several small adjustments to the income data to perform a sensitivity analysis. Through these iterations, you can predict the volatility of a customer’s cash flows.


  • Credit Scoring

A credit score is a numerical expression derived from a level analysis of a person’s credit files that represents a person’s credit worthiness. Artoo enables scoring across demographic and financial indicators. Rules can be built on 100 financial ratios and 40 demographic variables to create scores.


  • Deviation Matrix

Credit policies are enforced in the loan origination system as rules. Certain rules allow for deviations within approved limits and require additional approvals. Organizations can define their own deviation policy, define multiple rules for each deviation and specify approver roles. Deviations in each application are highlighted along with the necessary approvals required. Deviation approvals can be sought by escalating the case to the approval authority or via emails that can be sent from Artoo’s system, responses to this email will get attached to the case history.