Customer Acquisition

  • Complete entire loan application in one sitting

Artoo lets you capture unlimited data about the customer; data fields, rules and formulae will be customized to your forms. Capture demographic data  (KYC details) of borrower, co-applicant and guarantor. Perform detailed financial analysis of household and business cash flows. (Screenshot – Mobile screens – one of profile, one of analysis)


  • Go completely paperless

Capture images of KYC and other documents using Artoo’s advanced image processing technology, which enhances image quality and compresses size. (Screenshot – Document capture – cropping and enhanced image)


  • Artoo is error proof

Error notifications prohibit input of incorrect data. Backend users have the ability to flag errors and send back to field agent’s devices for immediate rectification. Artoo users have reported an 80% reduction in error rates. (Screenshot – error notification on mobile, send back on web)


  • PD & CPV Templates

Capture information during personal discussion and contact point verification visits. Templates provide structure to the data capture ensuring that this data is not written in free text and can be used for analysis later.


  • Tranche Disbursement

Define tranche-based disbursements during loan processing. Each tranche can be disbursed into a single bank account or multiple bank accounts including the bank accounts of a builder, manufacturer etc. Reminders will be sent designated users to follow-up on a tranche that is due ensuring that all your loans are fully disbursed.


  • Print and execute documents

Print application form and sanction letter to attain signatures from customers. Upload signed copies of documents on Artoo.  (Screenshot of Print and document upload)


  • Eliminate the possibility of data tampering

Artoo allows you to track revisions made through the workflow. At every stage you will be able to view what fields were changed and by whom. (Screenshot – Error screen on web)


  • Real-time alerts keep users on track to complete pending work

Mobile notifications and email alerts notify different roles in the workflow of loan applications in their queue and of pending work