Manage Distributed TeamsTeam Updated

Managing geographically dispersed teams can be especially challenging without visibility into daily work. With Artoo, managers can view daily activities of their teams and track their location and route taken when out in the field.

  • Track location and route taken by all field users
  • Define work zones for users to operate within ensuring no overlap
  • Daily planning of activities along with your manager helps field teams manage their daily schedule more efficiently
  • Route Planning enable managers to define optimized routes for field teams
  • Mobile dashboards provide simple insights into individual & comparative performance keeping sales teams motivated to achieve targets and outperform peers

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Embrace proactive salesSales_updated

Artoo dramatically improves visibility into sales efforts, enabling companies to tailor marketing efforts, track sales pipelines and monitor sales teams thereby reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

  • Capture basic data of new leads and qualify them for loans
  • Schedule tasks to consistently follow-up with hot leads
  • Qualify existing customers for future loans based on pre-defined rules and criteria
  • Qualify non-customers such as Guarantors, Suppliers, References from Artoo’s database for loans based of approved credit policy
  • Pipeline reports allow managers to develop accurate monthly sales forecasts

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Paperless, error-free and quick customer acquisition Customer Acquisition

Workflow automation replaces repetitive manual processes eliminating duplication so teams can focus on profitable activities. Artoo users have reported a 51% improvement in productivity & 80% reduction in errors. Completely automate your loan processing from loan origination to complex credit processes and finally to loan sanctioning & disbursement.

  • Loan Application data capture customized based on product types
  • Dedupe entities (Applicant, Co-Applicant, Guarantor) on creation minimizing risk of duplicates
  • Capture Images of KYC and other documents using Artoo’s advanced image processing technology.
  • Template driven data capture for PD and CPV
  • Schedule tranche disbursements and get prompted to follow-up when the tranche is due

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Homogeneous, data driven credit decisioning Underwriting

Artoo’s advanced credit underwriting capabilities enable organizations implement Credit Policies across the board and ensure homogenous decision-making. This is a key factor in minimizing risk.

  • Generate Credit Bureau Reports in the field to immediately assess a borrower’s creditworthiness, avoiding multiple visits
  • Perform Financial Analysesof household and business cash flows. Templates available for documented and undocumented sources of income
  • Perform Scenario analysis to predict volatility of customer’s cash flows
  • Conduct Psychometric tests to assess borrower’s intention to pay
  • Credit Scoring enables scoring across demographic and financial indicators
  • Deviation Matrix highlights deviations to credit policy and necessary approvals required
  • Custom Design Workflows to accommodate layered approval matrices for unsecured and secured loans

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Track, report and manage Analytics

With Artoo, get the insights you need to improve performance and make smarter decisions.

  • Custom Dashboards give you a real-time picture of your organization.
  • View and Export Reports to do further analysis.
  • Email Digests provide periodic activity reports of your organization right in your inbox
  • BI Connector tool allows export of data to BI tools like Tableau or Cognos

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Control your Artoo experience Admin Console

Empower internal IT teams to manage your organization’s Artoo experience with an exhaustive Admin Console.

  • Manage Users, groups and permissions in a centralized console.
  • Secure mobile users and restrict app usage
  • Manage Branches and define organization and reporting structure
  • Create Custom Workflows and rules that suit your org structure
  • Raise tickets via email or phone to Artoo Helpdesk