Sales Management

  • Sales on-the-go

Record and track new leads from anywhere – field or office, mobile or web. Use the easy bulk upload feature to transfer all existing leads or a new set of leads onto Artoo’s platform and assign leads to different people in the sales team. Continuously update lead status, moving the lead into different stages of conversion and closely track your sales pipeline. (Screenshot – Lead screen on mobile & Web, Sales pipeline graph – should actually move to main lead screen on web)


  • Get more revenue from existing customers

The easiest and most predictable source of revenue comes from loyal, existing customers. Acquiring a new customer is five to ten times the cost of retaining an existing one, further the average revenue from an existing customer is 67% more than a new one. Artoo allows you to closely monitor repeat sales by notifying you of existing customers who become eligible for future loans. (Screenshot – eligibility list)


  • Constantly stay up to date with to-do’s

Approximately 55 – 65% of sales people do not follow-up with leads and yet less than 2% of sales happens in the first interaction.  Artoo’s task scheduling enables sales people to systematically follow-up with leads resulting in a significant improvement in conversion rates. Managers can assign tasks and track the status of task completion. (Screenshot – Tasks on mobile & web)