Team management

  • Attendance & Location Tracking

Consent based attendance & location tracking allows users to start & stop tracking to ensure they are only tracked during office hours. With location tracking managers will have a real time overview of field agents activities during the day. The intelligent tracking feature records the time spent and the route taken by each user within and outside his allocated zone. This data is used to analyze non-productive work hours and identify optimal routes.

  • Zoning

Define the geographical work area for a branch by defining the operational radius. Multiple zones can be defined within a branch and users can be assigned to different zones.  Zones are defined via free shape on maps. The system will validate that all activities performed by the sales agent such as sourcing of leads and customer acquisition is confined within the allocated zone.


  • Daily Activity Planning

Task scheduling enables field teams to systematically follow-up with customers. Tasks can be added at any stage  – leads, application, collections, LUC etc. Managers can assign tasks and track the status of task completion. All tasks (including tasks entered by the manager and assigned to the agent) will populate into a daily task list on the mobile. This appears on the home screen of the mobile and serves as the agent’s virtual assistant.

Managers and agents can collaboratively define work plans by moving tasks into a plan for the day. At the end of the day they can review together the activities that were completed and those that are pending.

The sudden peak of loan disbursement during the end of a month or quarter can be easily avoided now by balancing the workload throughout the month and thus drastically improving the efficiency of the sales agent.

  • Route Planning

The map view of daily work plan will show route for the day based on the order of the tasks and the location of the tasks. The route can be adjusted and optimized by changing the order of tasks, thus ensuring optimized travel times and a higher level of productivity.

The planned route can be dynamically changed as and when tasks and activities for the day are cancelled, postponed or updated due to unforeseeable circumstances.

  • Motivate Field Teams

Traditionally most field teams are not aware of how they’ve performed in comparison to their peers until the end of the month. Artoo’s mobile dashboard provides simple insights into individual and comparative performance and incentives earned keeping sales team motivated to achieve targets and outperform peers.